The Truth About Insulation

Did you know that additional attic insulation alone can save up to 25% on utility bill? Adding insulation will reduce your utility bills. Older homes are likely to use more energy than newer homes, leading to high heating and air conditioning bills. Even if you own a new home, added insulation pays for itself within a few years, and continues to save money for as long as you own your home, increasing its resale value.

When you save energy, you save money. Cellulose insulation helps you save those hard-earned dollars. The unique property of cellulose insulation works to resist the flow of heat better than other types of insulation. In short, it seals heat in your home in the winter and keeps heat out in the summer.

Cellulose insulation is blown into your attic and walls to form a protective, airtight blanket. Since cellulose is more versatile and maneuverable, it seals around plumbing and electrical outlets to form an airtight fit. It also provides better R-value per inch in the attic. This provides a more effective and cost efficient protection. Cellulose insulation is the safest and most energy efficient insulation available. When deciding on the best way to keep your family comfortable, take advantage of the best insulation on the market.